Thinking football? Think scanning!


The Elite Scanning Club is for selected professional players, high performers and top talents who want to make the difference on the court and can now already train privileged with our application.

Your advantages

You get exclusive access to our unique training and analysis app. You'll train with our customized AI that tailors the training to you. We'll also guide you on your path to Scanning Mastery and take you deep into analytics so you can track your development and performance and transfer to the court as quickly as possible.
Number of head turns
+ 0 %
Number of ball losses
- 0 %
Number of offensive actions
+ 0 %
Improve timing of scans
0 %

Elite Scanning Club Prices

Become a member of our Elite Scanning Club. Prerequisite: current professional player or top talent of a junior training center
Product Package
Rising Star
Most Popular
1. how to area (learn & activate)
  • Warm Up
  • Tutorial
2. training (development & analysis)
  • Free Play
  • Skill Development
  • Personalized
  • Quick Analysis
3. individual information (profile overview & evaluation)
  • Your Profile
  • Your Analytics
4. competition (competition & comparison with other players)
  • Select
  • Ranking
  • Trophies
€ / player / month
99 €